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Goldpanning for groups

Gold washing for groups

We welcome groups, 10-100 persons, to teach you how to pan for natural, real gold.

We accept all type of group i.e. company that would like to have a kick-off, football club, association or a bus tour for tourist.

Together with you we will tailermade a program that meets your requirement.

It could be for example:
Goldpanning (preferable atleast three hours panning to increse your chancesof getting more gold).

We offer coffee with danish pastry or food. Alcoholic drinks, you bring that yourselfs.

For groups there is pre-season, high, or after season. We open when you wish. Furthermore, there is no time limit. you can arrive whenever you like and you can stay here until 23:00 hrs you have full access to our fire- and grills, which are under roof.


Open for groups:

  • From 10 April – 10 October from 09 – 23:00. Please observe! Booking is required.
  • In the pre-and after season it can be a little chilly. The evenings are not so bright and to pan for gold in dark evening is not so easy. Do not plan to wash too late.

What we wish from you:

  • Be patient for atleast 3 hours. If you dont have that time, we can give you a shorter course. the main thing is that you will be satisfied with your visit here.
  • Dress according to the weather. We do NOT recommeded formal dressing.


  • Price will be according to agreement, depending on how you want it. we accept  credit card, Visa or Mastercard.

Contact us via mail or tel: +46 (0) 383 – 460 000

Warm welcome to Ädelfors

Your own washed gold, a charming memory.


We guarantee that everyone will find gold and the gold you pan is yours to keep and bring home. When you have finished with your washing, we will transfer the gold into a nice glass vial where the gold will glows intensively agaist the blue background. See the picture above. It becomes a very nice souvenir!

More details and some tips.

The earier in the day you start, the more time you have to pan and the more gold you will get.

Bring suitable clothing and rubber boots. (Rubber boots is included in the ticket, but we do not have more than 60 pairs ).

We recommend you to pan for 3 or more hours. It is not a good idea to pan 2 or less hours, the longer time you pan the more gold you will find.

FAQs, Frequent asked question.
  • Is it real gold i find?
    Yes, It is real, natural gold that you pan here in our place.
  • Is it difficult to learn how to pan?
    No, It takes about an hour to learn and master the technique.
  • Is it a big piece of gold that i will find?
    The gold flakes that you find is under a millimeter upto 7 millimeter or small naggets.
  • Can i take my panned gold with me home?
    Yes, All gold you find is yours to take home.
  • How much is it worth?
    It is worth more than 300 Kr/gram.
  • Does everybody finds gold?
    Yes, If you just follow our instruction.
  • Is there mosquitoes?
    On our camping it is “as usual”, there is mosquitoes but not alot of them. At the gold panning place mosquitoes are rare. small mosquitoes can however occur one or two weeks around mid-summer.
  • Is it possible to pan gold in Emån river, that flows just 20 meters beside the panning place?
    Yes, ofcourse in Emån river, its free to pan for gold. But you must have your own equiment (and knowledge). its absolutly free