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About us

About us.

In Ädelfors there is prevailing gold fever. This is because people have been mining for gold in 280 years.

Here you will wash for a real genuine gold. Truly experienced gold miners (instructor) shows you how to do that. We gurantee that you will find gold and the gold you finds is yours to bring home.

Our gold panning place is situated on a quiet and fine location aside the beautiful Emån river.
The only thing  that may distub the peace here is the soothing sound from the birds, river and summer breeze in the trees.The gold washing in Ädelfors is NOT a “tourist trap”. Through the years we have been visited by tens of thousands of tourist who wanted to fulfill their dreams of learning how to pan and ofcourse having a good time with their family. That dream becomes reality here at our place! Here you will learn to wash for gold for real.

We have 50 years of solid experince and have mined for gold in all parts of the world. We also have taught many thousands of people to wash for gold, we know!

Our staff.

We, the family Guldstöm, has mined for gold over 50 years. It was Lars Guldström who started in the 60s and then continued to the mellinnium era when his son  Rolf Guldström took over. Rolf together with his family are managing the gold panning place.

We are composed of the following:

Rolf Guldström

Rolf Guldström – Owner.

This is the man who leads operation and strategic direction with full responsibility for top and bottom-line factors. He is the most experienced gold miner and instructor. He believe in teamwork and ensures that guests and staff thrives.

It is realy worth all the job when we see happy customer that smiles.

Lucy Guldström

Lucy Guldström – Owner.

Lucy is very experinced instructor with more than 10 year of working and the most ougoing person. she will help you in any way she can until you are satisfied.

She likes to smile.

Finn Schau

Finn Schou – Instructor.

This is Finn. He has been an instructor at our place for more than 20 years now.

Mats Möllerström

Mats Möllerström – Caretaker

This is our latest employee at gold panning. He knows everything about the old gold mines and can answere all your question about the gold mines.

Linnea Granlund

Linnea Granlund – Receptionist.

The crown princess of Ädelfors. She have worked with us for 4 years as our receptionist, cafe and shop. She is a native from Ädelfors and know everything about this area.

Sylvia Isaksson

Sylvia Isaksson – Our chef

She works in the kicthen and prepare breakfast and dairy lunch. she is most skilled chef within the area with many years of experince.

Anna Lena

Anna Lena – Receptionist

She is our newest employee and will help wherever she needed. she  makes delicious sandwiches.

Linda Nors

Linda Nors – Accountant

Linda takes care of book keeping and structure of the firm.

Lars Guldström

Lars Guldström – Mentor and legend

“Guldis” (the king of gold)  He knows everything about gold, how to find it and he can answere most questions about gold and gold mining.

He was the owner before Rolf.