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Here is the answeres of the most frequent asked questions.


  • Is it real, natural gold i will find?
    Yes , it is real natural gold that you pan here at our place.
  • Is it difficult to learn how to pan?
    No, it takes about an hour to learn and master the technique.
  • Is it big pieces of gold that i will find?
    The gold Flakes that you find here is from under a millimiter upto about 7 millimiter or small naggets.
  • Can i take my panned gold with me home?
    Yes, all the gold that you find is yours to take home.
  • How much is it worth?
    More than 300SEK/gram.
  • Does everybody finds gold?
    Yes, if you follow our instructcion.
  • How long can i wash?
    From 10:00 to 17:00, which means a whole day. You will have, for example, take break, go in and out as you like.
  • Is there a “half day ticket”?
  • Can you wash for just an hour or two?
    Yes, but then you dont have enough time to find much gold.
  • Can you pan for free in Ädelfors?
    Yes, in Emån river, just beside our panning place (you need to have your own equipment).
  • Can i bring the children?
    Yes, children under 10 years may “help” their parent. but if the children will have their own equipment and get help from our instructor their have to buy a ticket (240 Kr per child).
  • Can i bring my dog?
    Yes, if the dog has a leash and does not disturb or annoy other visitors.
  • Can i bring my own picnic basket?
  • Is there any food?
    Yes, we have a lunch restaurant and a cafe that is open every day during the high season from 10:00 to 17:00.
  • Can i cook my own food?
    Yes there are two grills that you can use.
  • Is firewood available?
    Yes, its free and you can buy charchoal in the cafe.
  • What can i buy in the shop?
    All kind of gold panning equipment, metal detectors, minerals and souvenirs.
  • What more can i do in Ädelfors?
    You can visit Gold and Copper mines, bath, fish, paddle canoe or take a walk in the forest. See Forest walking and mushroom picking, further down on this page.
  • Can i just look at the area?
    Yes, 95% of the area is open for everyone.
  • How about parking for cars?
    There is free parking for all our visitors.
  • Can i fish in Ädelfors?
    Yes, there is good fishing in Emån river and we sell fishing card (50 Kr per day) See Fishing  further down on this page.
  • Can i pay with credit card?
    Yes, Visa and Mastercard.
  • Is there a playground for children?
    Yes, there is a good playground in the village, 400 meters away. See Playground for children further down on this page.
  • Are there any walking- and bicycle trail?
    Yes, Höglandsleden (highland  trail) 1000km long that passes through the panning area. See Walking – bicycle trails further down on this page.
  • Can i paddle a canoe close-by?
    Yes, just beside the panning area in emån river. See canoeing in emån, further down on this page.
  • Can i get a discount price?
    Yes, we give discount to group visitors.

Openning hours 2016:

Pre-Season: 10 April – 19 June.
Please note: Book before click here to book.

Full Openned: 20 June – 21 August.
During this time we open everyday from 10 to 17:00 hrs, you do not need to book, you are welcome whenever you want. We recommend you to start around 10 o´clock because then you have  the whole day to pan for gold.

After Season: 22 August – 10 october.
Please note: Book before click here to book.

Price – Adult 490 SEK – Children 240 SEK.

Gold washing with instructor (who is on place the whole day), loan of equipment and mounting of your gold in a glass vial: 490 SEK. The price is for the whole day from 10:00 to 17:00.

Gold washing for children, up to 12 years old, with instructor (who is on place the whole day), loan of equipment and mounting of your gold in a glass vial: 240 SEK. the price is for the whole day from 10:00 to 17:00.

Canoeing in Emån river.

You can rent canoes and transpotation at the gold panning place . We corparate with Emventure and can tailormade to your preferences. Canoeing in emån is the ultimate way to relax and come close to the nature.You just glide along the river and you can see wild animals in its environment.

Walking- and bicycle trails.

Walking along Höglandsleden – a good suggestion is Gruvrundan where you can strart at Ädelfors goldmine, passing through the gold panning and continue to Kleva copper mine. – time about 3 hours.

bicycle trail – “Saljen runt”.Start at gold panning area, through Wallby säteri country loudge and visit Smålands Trädgård and Skirö, Stenberga kyrka, throuh the  Högarps kultur reserve and Pelle Nävers places – Time about 4 hours.

Playground for children.

We have swings for children and can play on the bank of emån. If the children should play on emån the parent must be there to watch over their children.

We also have large and good playground beside Ädelfors old school about 400 meters from the gold panning place, with a nice maitained grass if you like to play football.

Forest walking and mushroom picking.

To walk in the foret is another  pleasant recreation. You can walk along the Emån river on Höglandsleden and after just a minute you are in the forest. and, sudenly you will find the mushrooms  – “the gold of the forest”. so, as to enjoy the serenity of the forest. We will tip you where to find the mushrooms.

Public Transport.

You can travell with train to Vetlanda, then ride a bus No. 335 to Ädelfors Bruksmuseet bus stop where you will then walk 400 meters to our gold panning place. see the map

Overnight spend.

You can choose simplicity or luxury.
We have our own camping site where you can stay with your tent, caravant or rent a wind shelter. There are also small/large cabins a few hundred meters from our place, to hire with different prices and stardand. click here to book  yours today.

If you opt luxury then you can choose Wallby Säteri, a Country Resort that is situated only 6km from our place and there you sleep in a beautiful rooms with a full service package.

You can also choose  Emventure with spa. Bed and breakfast ready. Located  7 kilometer away.

Hotel with  hostels price  – Ädelfors Folkhögskola offers bed and food. Located 11 kilometer away.

Kvarndammens Vandrarhem,  Bed & Breakfast – in Vetlanda. Located 19 kilometer away.

Environment policy – sustainable tourism

Yes, we work locally and employ locally. We take good care of the nature by choosing envirnment friendly alternative such as waste separation. We want you to enjoy the nice place where we are.

Garbage disposal.

  • Garbage bags is free at our place.
  • Green bags for food waste.
  • Normal or red bags for Rest-waste.
  • Special container for hazard waste.
  • Bulky waste – there is a special pallet.
  • Glass bottle and glass jars – there is a special bin.
  • Plastic waste  – there is a special bin.
  • Reusable bottles and cans we give to Ädelfors sport club.

Latrin waste from caravans and campers.

We have a special area where you can empty your latrine waste.


Yes, there are good fishing in Emån and we sell fishing card for 50 SEK- per day, 100 SEK per week or 200 SEK for a whole year. You can also hire a rowing boat so you can reach the best place for fishing.

In Emån there is a possibility to catch trout. Fly-fishing is the method we recomend. There is alot of different species, not just trout. The most common fish in Emån is pike, perch and white fish.

Sport fishing is fishing with rod or handlines for pleasure and recreation. It should be conducted in such ways that the fishmen, the whole time have controll over fishing and their catch.


This place, Ädelfors, got its name after Swedens very first gold was discovered in the year 1738.