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Real gold washing

Here you  wash for real genuine gold. Truly experienced gold miners shows you how to do that.We gurantee that you will find gold and the gold that you find is yours to take home.

Northern Europe is most popular area to learn how to pan for gold! The gold panning camp is situated in the tranquil village of Ädelfors, with its rolling meadows and tall pine trees. The river Emån glides through this beautiful setting as it has done for over 12 000 years.

The only thing  that may distub the peace here is the soothing sound from the birds, river and summer breeze in the trees..The gold washing in Ädelfors is not a “tourist trap”. Through the years we have been visited by tens of thousands of tourist who wanted to fulfill their dreams of learning how to pan and ofcourse have good time with their family. That dream becomes reality here at our place! Here you will learn to wash for gold for real.

In Ädelfors there is prevailing gold fever. This is because people have been mining for gold in 279 years. The place Ädelfors (means Golden Rapid) got it´s name after swedens’ first gold miner who openned in the year 1738.


Gold rush – Advanced gold mining course

Learn how to dredge and use a metal detector, high-banker and sluice box. As well as how to read special gold maps and much more. The requirement is that you can manage to handle a gold pan (If it´s your first time to pan you start by basic. Please refer gold panning click here ).

The advanced gold mining is a 2 days course. We provide this course 3 times a week, but not on sunday. Maximum 8 participants per course.


Gold washing for groups (min 10 persons)

Bring your employees, your friends or extended family and experince a real outdoor event. We arrange everything according to your wishes. Food, accommodation and so forth

We welcome groups up to 100 persons and will teach you how to wash for gold. The gold that you find is yours to bring home.


Gold washing for children.

We have special educated instructor who  takes care of your children during a whole day. We will teach them how to wash for gold with a gold pan and a sluice box. The gold that they find is theirs to bring home.

Metal detector.
We will teach the children how a simple metal detector works. We will take the children on a treasure hunt where they will find hidden object such as coins.

“Diamond” hunt
We will take the children on a “diamond” hunt so that they can find semi-precious minerals.


Metal Detector course – Basic or Advanced.

Basic course

In this course we shows you how a metal detector work. we also inform you about the swedish law, “do´s and do not´s” how to apply for a permit. The course ends with a test and if you pass the test you get a medal.

Advanced course

This course gives a deeper knowledge on specific metal detectors. If you are a police, an archaeologist, a sawmill worker or a military person we will train you with a suitable metal detector.

Guldvaskning snabbvisit

Quick visit for groups,”bus groups”

We start by telling the story of Ådelfors gold mine how it begun, the lineage of about 279 years until today. Then take you down to our panning area where we show you how to pan for gold and thereafter take you a tour of our whole site.

After the tour and demonstration you can have coffee with danish pastry.